Thursday, 3 December 2015

survivors Animation

This term our topic is called survivors. We are learning about how animals adapt to survivor. My animal that I have chosen was a penguin it lives in the arctic.  

My penguin has thick fur with white and black fur.It has orange feet as well.My penguin is a baby empror penguin.In the arctic my penguin can slde on it’s stomach on the ice and swim fast so it can slde and swim from seals and killer whales.

To make my penguin to survivor in the desert is to change it’s feet into the same colour as the sand.My penguin can not survivor in the desert because it is to hot there for a penguin.My penguin has white and black fur so that means that it can be seen easily.  

To make my penguin change in the desert is to change it’s fur and feet.My penguin’s feet is going to change into the same colour as the desert and the rest of the fur is the same white and black.I made my penguin to run fast so it can run away from orther desert animale.Like cobra snakes camles.

My penguin doesn't like the desert because there are other animals can kill.I hope that you enjoyed my animation.

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