Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Emperor Penguins

Egg friends

Have you had a craziest teacher before?Well my teacher Mr Baxendine is so a crazy teacher.It started on the 21st of oct that was on wenseday.Our teacher Mr Baxendine said that we have an speacial friend that we had to look after.

When I came to school and went inside class and went to get my book.When we did silent reading after we did reading Mr Baxendine was acting weird because i could tell of his smile.

Then mr Baxendine said room 9 we are having our very own new friend in our class and he said it was an egg.Then i said an egg, Mr Baxendine are you crazy.

After a while Mr Baxendine pulled out some eggs and vivid’s and we didn’t know what to do next.Mr Baxendine pulled out one of the egg’s and started to draw it’s face and hair.Mr Baxendine gave me an egg 2nd I got red vivd then I got my red vivd to design.

His name is Max.Mr Baxendine took us to the park we saw Mrs M’s literacy group did you see there face it looked like they were jelifish.When we got to there we sat down on the bark.Mr Baxendine had some spoon’s I was wondering what we where doing next Mr Baxendine got out his phone and took some pictures of our egg’s.I got a spoon there were 4 people that got those in we had go over 4 thing’s and under 1 thing.Kaden came 1st place,Aneelis came 2nd and I came 3nd place.

I started kissing Max.Aneelis made a little nest we put our egg friend’s.When I looked at the back of me people went to Anna’s funeral.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Holiday highlight

Last Saturday it was my little baby sister’s birthday and she turned one years old. We had her birthday party at my house.

First before the party started I helped my mum with the balloons. It was hard blowing the balloon’s because I puff and puff and then it finally worked and then i got so tired.

Then when my aunt's,uncle's and my cousin’s arrived me and my sister went to get the present it was tiny in the room to put on the table for my baby sister’s birthday.

After that when my sister came walking to the door I started to to run to get my little baby sister and said Happy Birthday to her.Then my cousin’s brother and sisters and me went outside playing throws. After that we all went back inside and I gave my present to my baby sister.

Then we had the cake it was banana with chocolate cream with some strawberries. I was greedy and ate half of the whole cake . It was so delicious. Later after the party finished my aunt's, uncle's and cousin’s  went home.

I felt tired because it was a long day. The part that I enjoyed was having the cake because it was yummy!! I hoped that I could have a long sleep until dinner.