Friday, 26 May 2017

Year 7's top of the school!!

   On Wednesday 24th of may the year 8's left to go to a amazing camp far away. During the day when the year 8's left the year 7's were now the top of the school and leaders of the school as well. When the year 8's left the year 7's had a really fun day because of the fun activity we had done. On the very first day the year 7's came and sat down and did a Himene and the Karakia. When we did all those things we got put into groups, the group that I was in was the Fabalicious. There were other groups as well like Curries and Munchies. After that we were into our new groups, just then the Fobalicious went with Mrs Judd and the fun activity and it was Team building.

Then after Team building we had morning tea and we went to go play. And 30 minutes we went back to class and we did more fun things. Just then we finished our fun things and had fitness, when we had fitness we came back and did a blog post about how much things did we have fun with. Just then it was home time and we went home and we all can't wait until it was another day of fun activity. It was also the most fun thing for the year 7's.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Popsicle decimals

Today I have just finished my maths activity for week 4. We have been learning our decimals with Popsicle. Here is my presentation of my maths work. I hope you enjoy my maths work.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Jellybean Challenge

Hey guess what we have been doing the Jellybean Challenge.It is when you have to make stuff out of Jellybean and toothpicks.You also need  to make something that could hold piles of books.Here is a photo of us making toothpicks with Jellybeans.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Numbers of the week

My Holidays Recount

During the school holidays I went to a beautiful Island called Niue. Why I went there? Because I went to see my Auntie and Uncle. I stayed for one week. On the 3rd day, Wednesday. I went to the beach and sat down. Just then my Auntie came to check on me because she notice that I was gone. One hour later, I went to go for a swim, but I got so hot that I just went under the trees. Later that my Auntie called me to come for dinner so I did.

After dinner I ate dinner and then went to sleep, during my sleep half of me felted cold because of the cold breeze at night. Just then it was morning and I woke up, when I woke up my Mum and Dad came and picked me up to go back to New Zealand in Auckland. Just then I said Bye and went with my Mum and Dad back home.

Finally I came back to my real home and sat on my bed when my Mum went to ask me to have lunch I was fast asleep.The best thing about my holidays was going to Niue and seeing my Auntie and Uncle. And I can't wait till the next holidays so I can see my Auntie and Uncle back at Niue.
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