Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Once upon a time on a bright sunny day, there were three kids and their names were, Sam , Anna and John. When they were little all they wanted was to go kayaking at a river called Cannon River. It was their favourite river to go kayaking and fishing.

On a Monday Sam, Anna and John went to school. In their class they had been learning how to kayak. In their class Anna , John and Sam knew a lot about kayaking.

On a Tuesday Anna and John went down to the river and they saw other people kayaking in the water. When they were looking they saw Sam in the canoe kayaking across the river. Sam pulled the canoe across the deck and tied the rope onto it.

On a Wednesday in room 21 there was a trip to go to. The trip was going to a place called Cannon River , when Sam knew about this he went and told John and Anna , when he told them Anna and john went with Sam to go and ask Mr Jackson if they could come.

On a Thursday Anna , Sam and John they got to go to there favourite place.When they came to school they went into their lines. The kids where excited for their trip. When their bus was here they all lined up.

When they got there Sam , John and Anna were pleased that they got to there favourite place. “ WHO WANT’S TO GO KAYAKING AT CANNON RIVER” said the teacher, then Sam , John and Anna said “ Me “.

So then sooner or later in the first canoe John and Sam took it and went off to the second path of the river. And Anna took the second canoe and went down the third path of the river as well.

But then it was getting darker and darker,but Sam and John did not know which way to go because there was a shortcut one way was back to the island and the other was to a waterfall.So they went to the first which was the waterfall.
Later that Anna also did not know which way to go as well so she took the one right which was the right path for the shortcut. When she got there Mr Jackson setted up the fire and got some wood and also setted the tents.

Then it was Friday when it was the morning Sam and John were hungry very hungry. So then Sam said “ LET’S TURN AROUND”, “ OKAY” said John so they turned around and took the second path and they  found Annd and Mr Jackson and the other class.

When they slept in the tents it was the morning and Saturday and they all went back on the bus and went back to drop off the kids back home.So Sam and John did not want to go back to that island because it’s not there favourite place anymore.


Thursday, 15 September 2016

Usain Bolt

A lifetime ago there was a little boy named Usain Bolt.He lives in Jamaica,his country or village is a small place to live in.Their  village is quite small because there are little houses,heaps of trees and more and more trees like a forest.

It started when Usain was about to be late for school so he was in a rush.The thing was that he forgot his lunch,the school bell rang and he pulled out his bag and his lunch was not there.He was really hungry.And then there was a coach and Usain saw his yummy delicious food.

So Usain was setting on the steps,the couch went up to him where the steps are.Then the coach said “ Hey I don’t think I can eat this all”.Usain Bolt

said “ Then can I have it”,sure said the coach but first you have to race that guy over there.

Usain looked confused but he didn’t care so he went to the starting line.And the man said to him ‘it’s to that tree” the coach said “ Go”!!!!

They vs each other but Usain was coming last he looked at the coach and saw his lunch.So he looked away and ran as fast as he could.

Then suddenly Usain was getting close to the man he was racing.Then Usain won the race,he was happy as a puppy.The coach gave his lunch to him.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Making Connections

  1. Who is the oldest athlete? Kobe Bryant
  2. Who do you think is the most successful athlete (prior to London 2012)? Why do you think this?

  1. Who appears to have had the most success with sponsors (look at number of sponsors and the amount earned through sponsors)? Because they take drugs.
  2. Why do you think sponsorship could motivate someone to cheat in sport?Roger Federer out of all ten

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Olympic Animation