Thursday, 15 September 2016

Usain Bolt

A lifetime ago there was a little boy named Usain Bolt.He lives in Jamaica,his country or village is a small place to live in.Their  village is quite small because there are little houses,heaps of trees and more and more trees like a forest.

It started when Usain was about to be late for school so he was in a rush.The thing was that he forgot his lunch,the school bell rang and he pulled out his bag and his lunch was not there.He was really hungry.And then there was a coach and Usain saw his yummy delicious food.

So Usain was setting on the steps,the couch went up to him where the steps are.Then the coach said “ Hey I don’t think I can eat this all”.Usain Bolt

said “ Then can I have it”,sure said the coach but first you have to race that guy over there.

Usain looked confused but he didn’t care so he went to the starting line.And the man said to him ‘it’s to that tree” the coach said “ Go”!!!!

They vs each other but Usain was coming last he looked at the coach and saw his lunch.So he looked away and ran as fast as he could.

Then suddenly Usain was getting close to the man he was racing.Then Usain won the race,he was happy as a puppy.The coach gave his lunch to him.

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