Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The chip Experiment

Last week on Tuesday we did an experiment, it was with chips. What we first did was get the Low Fat and the High Fat, then we put them on a piece of graph paper. Then we got a baking paper a put it on top of the chips, after that we start to crush them with our only hands and fists. So we crushed then crushed and then we finished. After we finished crushing the chips we took the chips off and put it in the other piece of paper. When we did we started to draw on it on the windows, it almost looked like that it was an island. And that was what we did to do THE CHIP EXPERIMENT.


  1. Hi there my name is Asif and I am a year 6 from may road school I like your chip experiment it made me want to do it.

  2. that looks impressive to me im sure other people like it too

  3. Hi Jasmyne,
    It’s Danna in Room 4 at Wesley Primary School. That experiment is cool because of the way that it looked like real clouds and maybe you could use that experiment for background if your background is clouds. Maybe you could try more experiments out and see what it does. If you want to see my blog here it is http://wpsdannaa.blogspot.co.nz/ this is were I show my learning in the internet.

    Blog You Later!