Monday, 30 March 2015

Friday, 6 March 2015

My best birthday ever

My best birthday was when i turned 9 years old.

Have you had a best birthday ever? Well guess what i had the best best best best birthday ever in my whole life.Because i couldn't wait tall my aunt's,uncle’s and my cousins to come over to my house.

First that i went to is burger king and then when i finished my lunch with my mum,dad,sisters and my brothers.We went to blowing.And then we were all hungry.

Then we went into the burger king
and had some lunch.A while later we went back home and i went to sleep because i felt so so so so tired this afternoon.And i said this is the best best best best best birthday ever.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Use Your W.I.T.S

Do you know what are your W.I.T.S? Well guess what using your W.I.T.S helps you because it helps you to walk away from mean people,ignoring it when someone is trying to get you into trouble,talking about it like if you are getting hurt you just tell the teacher.And finally seek help when someone is sad you can help them and tell them what is wrong.Then that person that was sad tell’s you.And then if that person is feeling happy you can be friends with them and play with them.  

W- walk away

When someone is bugging you.You just walk away from them.And when someone is saying mean words to you you just walk away.And you never ever go and get Infotrieve.

I- ignore it

When someone is tapping you on the solder you just ignore it.And when that person bump into you on purpose you just ignore.

T- talk about it

When someone is being mean to you and saying unkind words you just can go and get a teacher so that they can talk about it.And when that person say’s sorry you can be friends with them.

S- seek help

When someone is sad you can help them and tell them what is wrong.Then that person that was sad tell’s you.And to make them feel better and play with them.And to be friends with her or him.

My Acrostic poem-Share the Love


Monday, 2 March 2015

All about me

Hi my name is Jasmyne and welcome to my blog, at Pt England School.I am a year 5 in Room 9. My teacher's names are Mr Baxendine and Mrs Jacobsen. My Favorite Sport is high jump,softball,baseball and any kind of sport.In my family i like to play base ball with my brother and sister.

My Holiday Highlight

In the holidays me and my family had a good lunch on Monday.I went with my three sisters,one brother and my mum and dad.We had it at Pt England beach.

First we went to have lunch it was Burger King.I got very very bored that i was not even hungry that i just went to the park and just played on the monkey bars.

Then when my family finished eating there food I had to go into the car because I got bored and i was hungry but I did not knew that I was getting hungry.So i went to get my lunch and then i went to get it from my dad.

After that i felt really tired because we had a long day by having a long lunch.My favrite part was when i went to the monkeys bars and a silde.And then we went home and went to sleep.