Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Guest Speaker

This very special day a nice gentlemen came to our school, his name was Mr Patason. He was talking to us about What would YOU want to be in the future and how to improve your Goal's. One fact of what Mr Patason had said was that he had showed us a formula. A formula which was a word, it looked like the word was called AIM like when you are Aiming at something. But he said it did not mean that it sorted looked like this, A + I = M which means.

 A is for Aspiration, I  is for inspiration and lucky last was M which constantly stand for Motivation. He also said that well before a young boy who was 11 years of age helped a homeless man next to a Dariy shop. The young 11 year old boy gave the homeless man his lunch money and had kept doing the same thing over and over again which be been going on and on for two weeks. Just then in the future the man name was Willy he had a Job,House and mainly a car. And then Mr Patason finished and we all clapped and clapped.

 In the future I would do the same thing to help others out and help homeless people get Jobs, House's and a flash car. I would want to help in the future. I hope you enjoy my story.Image result for Spy

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  1. Hi Jasmyne,
    I enjoyed reading your post...
    Always remember A+I=M!!