Friday, 24 August 2018

Hip Hop Line Dancing Style

This term our topic for this year is called Move Ya' Body. It is involving movements in our topic. Today our teacher Mr Wiseman say to us that we have options to choose what kind of features of movements we could have likely do. Likely because this term it is involving our topic ( Move ya' Body ).While we have been going on we got put into our home class to likely do some inquiry learning as a group all together. In home class I have partnered up with my friend Gwynn, me and her decided to think about what we are going to do to perform in front of our other class mates to showcase.

A few hours I came up with and idea to be involving our topic for this term, I told my friend and that we were going to be learning something that we have never done before. So I told her that we were going to be doing a dance. A dance that was decided from me and that me and her agreed with, our dance was actually going to work. Our dance we are going to do is a dance we decided was Hip Hop Line Dancing. So then we started adding some songs, there were mostly the top five songs that we were likely going to dance to in front of our class mates.

So hopefully we are going to get great at this and we are likely hoping that we don't mess up our dance to perform for our classmates. Fingers cross!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Delicious Descriptions

This term I have have just finished my writing activity for week 1, term 3. This term we have been learning about essay writing and how to improve our writing to make it more sense and better writing. Here is a presentation about my writing of how I can improve on to make my writing more perfect. Hope you enjoy my writing activity for 2018. Enjoy!!!

Friday, 6 July 2018


WALT - Check for understanding as we read.

This term I have just finished my reading activity for 2018, this reading activity is about a girl who ever wanted to share her secrets with someone, but lately she has really no friends at all. It's usually about how she goes on a trip and stuff. Hope you enjoy my reading activity. Enjoy!!!

A tour like no other

WALT - Summarise information from a text.

This term I have finished my reading activity for 2018, my reading activity is about people who are protesting just to stop the rugby game for some reason. It's mostly about people going on the streets and walking to the rugby games trying to stop the game. Hope you enjoy my reading activity this year. Enjoy!!!

Monday, 2 July 2018

Expo at PES

This term week ten, day one, at pt england school team five had just began to have an expo. This expo some likely kids from our school which are from team four and room eleven who had came and explored around our block to see what we have made during this term from week ten through out to week two or maybe week one & three. Most of the students were mostly inspired from what we have created.

During the expo our project were paper planes which you would have to make yourself, anyways we had also had a target, our target were cups, they were stacked of cups but mostly they were plastic cups. Though that our project had likely failed, but it was likely marshmallow catapult with plastic cups with little tiny marshmallows inside the catapult cup. So first of we had all decided in my group to think even harder and see what we could think of.

This expo was likely amazing and could not forget about it. So then we had packed up and got ready for our normal class. Here is a presentation of our first project but then charged it to the paper planes project. Hope you enjoy!!! :)