Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Have you been taught by an instructor before?Well class 9 and miss lavakula went to Glen innes aquatic center for swimming lessons.We have lessons every day and the past 1 week we are gonna have swimming this week too.Some adults and kids drowned because they can’t swim because New zealand is surrounded by water thats why we have swimming pools to teach kids how to swim so if they went to the beach they will know how to swim in the pool.
When our class went swimming at 12.30 we put our togs
on.We waited and tell the rest of the class put their togs on.Then we walked to the Glen Innes pools.Then we went inside and took uniformis off.Miss lavakula said befor  you hope in we have to have a shower and then set down on the benches and want for the instructor to tell us who is in group 1 to 3.

I feel really good about swimming.One thing that  i have learned is swimming  at a good pace. If I rush, I will get tired quickly. Next time I hope that i can do better at using freestyle technique.

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  1. Great job Jasmyne! You listened really well during dictagloss today.