Wednesday, 7 May 2014

During  the school holidays i went to church with my three annuities and my grandpa.First we went to go and pick up my auntie she sometimes buys me things like hot chips and  takeaways.

Then when we pick her up we got ready to go to church.After that if i did not go to Sunday school on white Sunday i won’t be going to go church.But if i did go to Sunday school if it is white Sunday school i will be going to church.

After that we had to say the payer and then we sing the 51 song and then we read the bible book.After that the Sunday school came in after when we did the bible book the cook Islands have to had there tune of singing in front of the church.

Right after that it was the Samoas tune to sing in front of the church the niueans the cook Islands and the Sunday schools.It was there last song for the church and then we go back home.After that i went to bed to take a sleep.Right after that all of the church the niuean church and the Sunday school

I really like my holiday because it was fun. resizedimage600432-NiuePoster1.original.jpg (600×432)  


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