Friday, 28 November 2014

Auckland Art Gallery

Have you been to the Auckland Art Gallery before?Well on Friday class 9 and 10 went to the Auckland Art Gallery to look at some art.Once we got on the bus we had to stick together.

Once we were at the Auckland Art Gallery we had to sit down on the ground.We went into groups with Mrs Lavakula,Miss Ouano and Mrs Jacobsen.Some of  class 9 was with Mrs Lavakula,Miss Ouano and Mrs Jacobsen.

First when we got into groups we started to go with of group teacher.When Miss Ouano and Mrs Lavakula went with there group it was just group four and Mrs jacobsen as well.

First we went to the lego and i  build a ladder that was nearly high as the towers.But i talked some of them off now Mrs Jacobsen said five more minutes before we go to the next activity.

My favorite part was when i build a ladder.I felt tired because i was playing some legos and my arm got tired as well.  

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