Monday, 8 June 2015

Mothers day

It’s Mother’s Day today so let me tell you about my mum...

My mum is pretty
Her job is to look after me
She likes to cook
Her favourite food is meat and chicken
Her favourite colour is purple
Her favourite thing to do is clean
If my mum had time she would  play with me
She will always says fix my bed up
My mum and I like to go to Rainbows End
She is really good at making nice food

The best thing about my mum is that she is amazing
My mum is special to me because she loves me.

My Mum is amazing.

My mum is as pretty as flower

She is as sweet as honey

She is as smart as a me

She is as precious as a kitten

I love my mum because she is nice to me

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jasmyne
    I like your work it looks amazing keep it up I hope that you play Netball? Have so much fun with your friends and and your family too.Have a nice day.keep up your work in class have fun.
    From Aneelis