Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics Day

When I say Hine you say Moana, Hine Moana, Hine Moana. Sorry I got carry away. On Friday 13th of Nov Pt England School had an athletic day. When I came to school I forgot that we had athletic day, our teacher Mr Baxendine told us that it was athletic day.

That sunny morning when I was sleeping in my bed  the sun was shining onto my face then I quickly got out of my bed and had an shower then had breakfast. Then I ran to school and then I sawed everybodie in there house color then after a while I got changed into my house color, it was the color blue.Blue for Hine Moana  ‘yay’ GO Hine Moana GO GO GO!!!!

After that Mr Baxendine said that we had to line up into our maths class.We had to write  our color names,female or male and what year are we in.After that we went to the hard courts and sat in our year lines, which is year 5 girls and 5 boys.After a while Miss V was telling us where to go and where to start.

First the year 5 girls was with Mrs Garden,year 5 boys was with Ms Muliaumasealii.First the year 5 girls started at the high jump,while we were jumping we had to go to the blue high jump where Ms Squares was.Then I was watching Faioso,Aneelis and sheales they were great at the high jump.
Then the year 5 girls went to the 100 meters spits.When we were sitting down on the grass
I was feeling nervous.Mr Burt was setting the girls up which lines that they have to be in.While Mr Burt was still setting some girls,we just sat,sat,sat and sat more.Until he was fhished fanlly he was fhished.

After that we were starting the race I came 3nd,2nd,3nd and then I came 2nd I was feeling tired already.After a few minutes later we went and had morning tea.After that we all went to the court and sat down the ground felt hot it was making my hands hot ahhhhh’.

While that Miss V’ said which way and which part we do.Then the year 5 girls went to the shot put.I hope for next time that I will come 1st for next year.  

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