Friday, 1 July 2016

Avengers Assemble

On a bright sunny day Black Widow was going for a walk,Super girl was flying by to Black Widow to see how she was feeling,while Super girl was there talking,to Black Widow  there were robots attacking the town,the one who invented the robots was by the Joker.While the Joker’s robots were smashing the buildings Black Widow and Super girl were going to town to stop the Joker and Dr Freeze from destroying the town and building’s.

While Super girl and Black Widow were fighting the robots,Superman came and helped Black Widow and Super girl,when he helped them one of the robots hitted him and then Superman fell to the ground he was hurt real bad.Suddenly Super girl went to go see if Superman was feeling okay,but then Superman wasn't feeling okay he was hurt real badly.Then Super girl was angry at the robot that hit his own cousin Superman.So Super girl used her laser eyes at all of the robots and then all of  the robots broke into pices.

Then it was just the Joker and Dr Freeze they were the only villains to fight.Black Widow was hiding in the dark which Dr Freeze and the Joker didn't see her,while she was hiding she jumped and Dr Freeze sawed her and freezes her.Also she couldn't move at all,Super girl was the only one to defend the Joker and Dr Freeze.So Super girl used her layers and armed it to Black Widow,suddenly Black Widow was free.

So Black Widow went for Dr Freeze and Super girl went for the Joker.Then Superman was feeling a bit better and got up,he saw Dr Freeze and Super girl fighting the trouble makers.And then Super man used his laser eyes and it hitted the Joker.And then he used his laser eyes again and it also hitted Dr Freeze.So the Joker and Dr Freeze were never to be seen ever again,suddenly Black Widow and Super girl went to see how Superman was feeling,then Super man said “ It’s okey Super girl and Black Widow I'm feeling fine.So Super girl went to take Superman home,and Black Widow waved goodbye and she went back home as well.

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