Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Olympic 2016

Have you ever dream about going to the Olympics? Well did you know when the Olympics start well the Olympics started in 1896 they started to add more Olympics sport to the Olympics so there was swimming track race and more.If you want to always be come a track race runner well to be a track runner is to practice and practice to get better and better then you can time yourself at running.

Now have you want to be in the Olympics or an athlete it takes time to practice and get ready for the Olympics.And have you ever want to practice with you Olympics buddy it takes time to have a Olympic buddy to help you get ready when your times comes to going to the Olympics and vsing the teams.

Do you say to yourself when it come to winning and then it comes to losing well winning means like you feel so amazing inside of you that you are happy and you won and your family is so proud of you that you won.Then when it come to losing that just means that you tried and your family is still proud of you that you tried your best in the Olympics.

Have you ever ever ever Celebration in the Olympics like if people come 1st, 2nd or 3nd and they go all crazy and saying to there self that there so proud that they came 1st,2nd or 3nd and they go home and say they came 1st,2nd or 3nd place.
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