Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Behind the door

In a lifetime ago, on a bright sunny day there were two twins and their names were, Nick and Rose.They were normal teenagers who goes to High school.

The next lovely morning Nick and Rose were getting ready for their first day of school, when they got ready they had breakfast. Then there bus was here ready to take them to school.

When Nick and Rose said bye to there mum and dad they hopped on the bus and sat at the back, because there were mean people there ready for their first day of school too. So they sat at the back were the other chairs were left and then they sat down looking all around but not at them.

Then they got off the bus and went to class, later that hour they finished school at went back on the bus this time they were the first one on the bus and sat on the front seat. And other people came and the last people came and sat at the back just like the twins.

Later that two hours the bus driver stopped at Nick’s and Rose’s house. So Nick and Rose hopped off the bus and they realized that there house was different because to them it looked like a cave door to them. So they opened it and behind it was a big fire breathing dragon inside a cave which the twins did not know.

Later or sooner the twins were terrified and scared by seeing the enormous fire breathing dragon at there house of where they lived.

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