Friday, 24 February 2017

Explantion Writing


In this explanation writing it is how it works in team 5.

In team 5 we have morning assembly, every day at 8.30am.We had to be at school between 8.00am or 8.30am.the doors for our space is opened always at 8.00am,so that we go and check our Chromebook to charge.

Every morning when we get to school we have to hang our bags up and take off our shoes.When we go into class we have to put down the chairs.It only takes us 6 minutes just to do in the whole space.

We also have this thing called tech.this year it was our first time,later on we had to walk to a collage called tamaki.we also did some fun things as well.

Also the year 8’s go to tech on Tuesday and the year 7’s go to tech on Thursday,and today is Thursday so i’m going to tech today with all of my friends and other people.
When we come back from tech,we come back at 1.00pm.then we grab our lunch out of our bag and go outside to eat and then play.if we don’t have a hat and play in the sun we will also get into trouble from our teacher’s.

We are at the top of the school and we have to show the little kids how to behave and walk in a straight line.If we don’t show the little kids how to behave then we will act silly to them then they would do the same thing as us.

If we are really naughty we have to go to Mrs Tele'a. We have to do this thing called Re-Think.We have to sit on the mat and think of what we just did.

For Tech we have group’s there called Tahi,Rua and Toru.I think I am in Tahi. For Tahi since the teacher for art is not here we are doing carving.

It is really cool because we got to see some Maori Panels.Maori Panels is really cool and it is such a fun thing to do.It even has a laser machine.

We even got to look at Maori Panels it looks so cool.It is so cool at Tamaki Collage.It has been so much fun.

When we got back from Tech we had lunch straight away.But it was really hot when we got back.It was so hot that we had to stay in the classrooms for a little longer.I also can’t wait for another day at Tech.

This writing was about how it really works in team 5,so that for this year's year 6's when it come's to next year they can become year 7.
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