Monday, 7 May 2018

100 Words

Sunshine threw the curtains came onto my eyes, I sternly got out of bed and went into the kitchen got out cereal and sugar ready ( Don't forget my spoon and bowl ). Then onwards I walked to the fridge with my eyes closed half way through open the fridge door and reach for the milk but suddenly there were no milk at all. I opened my eyes and shouted loudly ' Where's all the MILK '. My parents woke up with a fright got out of bed and ran down to the kitchen to see what was that loud shouting coming from. My parents had said ' Why were you shouting about ' said both of them, ' All the milk is gone and I can't have breakfast without milk ' I had said frowning. My parents had said just go for a walk to the shops to by more.

I got change, put my shoes on and went for a quick walk down to the shops. I crossed the the crossing and could hear someone who had shouted ' Help help ', I currently looked back and it was a random person running from a dog. He had shouted loudly again ' Help Help ' said again the voice from the same random person. The End

WALT - Write 100 words

This term I have finished my writing activity for 2018, my writing activity is about a person who is described like me but may have some troubling with myself but everybody needs milk am I right. Hope that you enjoy my writing work for 2018. Enjoy!! 

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  1. Hi Jasmyne,

    I love the description that you have used in this piece of writing! I wonder what will happen next with the person who is asking for help!