Friday, 19 February 2016

Jasmyne's Narrative

In 1981 May the 22nd of September there were three people named Sam,Max and Jack.’’They” decided to have a battle on White Island,where the famous mountain is.

So the others on the other side Mount Wellington decided to have a battle with them by taking over the mountain only three of them from Mount Wellington could come.And there names were John,Jake and P.J so off they went to White Island to have there battle.

Then Sam was sleeping in the tent by himself.While Max and Jack were walking then they heard a strange noise,by the way they were following the sound but then it stopped.Then they heard other people’s right here in Auckland.It was the Mount Wellington people named PJ,Jake and John so Max and Jack were hiding where the trees are.

Then it was 12pm which was night time then Max and Jack stepped out where the trees are.And they said leave him alone,they said why?But Max and Jack said because we can’t have a battle without Sam over the mountain.

To be continued

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