Thursday, 25 February 2016

Own Story Telling

On a hot day there were two young men named Jack and Max.They decided to go out fishing near an Island.Also they were on a boat,while there boat was moving the engine stopped and couldn't work.So they said let’s just fish out here insted it won’t be long.After a while long they forgoten to pack some lunch and also some water for them.Suddenly they felt something bumpe it was an shark it felt angey because it wanted to tear there boat apart.

So the shark teared it apart so they tried to jump off the boat but the shark had some friends with him.So all they had to do was to stay where the boat was until a police boat comes to recuse them from getting eaten and teared apart.One hour later the boat was only half a boat left so they had to do was to stay on the other side so that they don’t get eaten from the shark.

Then findley there was an Airplane towards the sky and they spotted their boat getting tear apart from the shark that he felt so angry that he wanted to destroy the police boat but there boat was so fast for the shark.Then another police boat came to rescue Jack and Max from the sharks so they hopped on the boat and went back home safely and they said that they will never fish there ever again but they were very tired anyways.

Suddenly when they got home Jack was thinking about seeing if they could take the shark back where it lives maybe the shark must of been lost and he was scared and that is why he teared our boat apart.But he said let’s just forget about the shark t lest we are back home safely and we can have some lunch and some cold water with some colder ice.

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