Monday, 9 May 2016

My Holiday Highlight

Hey Guess What? It was the school holidays and I was excited.While the school holidays it was my little baby cousin’s birthday and she just turned one years old.And we had it at my house.

First before the party started I helped my mum with the balloons.It was hard by blowing the balloons because I puff and puff and then I finally did it but all a sudden I felt tried after my long puff that I had blowed.

Then when my Aunt’s,Uncle's and my cousin’s arrive me and my sister went to get the gift in my room and put it on the table.

After that when my cousin came walking to the door I opened the door and ran outside and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to my little cousin.Then we went inside and had some dinner it was hot chips with tomato sauce and with BBQ sauce as well.

One hour later it was time for the desert it was a banana cake with chocolate cream on top with strawberries on it as well.Fifteen minutes later my cousin’s and my aunties,uncles went to go back home the time was 9.00 which the time I go to bed so when they went I went to bed and fell asleep.What I enjoyed was the cake because it was YUMMY!!!.

Image result for Banana cake with chocolate icing and strawberries

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  1. Great work, Jasmyne. I really like how you have taken the task we had for immersion assembly and turned it into a recount about one event from your holiday! This shows us that you are thinking about how best to manage your learning, even if you have been away! Keep up the amazing effort, Jasmyne!