Saturday, 22 July 2017

Day 3, Bonus Activity

A really cool new website called Wild Eyes has recently been launched in New Zealand. It is a programme for students who want to complete fun activities (called ‘missions’), take pictures and post them on the Wild Eyes site. For this bonus activity, go to the Wild Eyes site and complete the ‘Giant Moa Discovery’ mission. To earn full points you must post a picture of your Moa on the Wild Eyes website and on your personal blog site. The Wild Eyes team and I can’t wait to see what you create!
You are not going to believe this...but I believe that the photo below is absolute proof that Moa are in fact alive and living in the Hawkes Bay area.  Napier to be exact.  I took this photo yesterday while staying in Napier.  
Believe it or not?!?

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  1. Hello Jasmyne
    Good job on this winter learning journey activity. Your Moa looks very real, if I didn't know it was fake, I might have believed that Moa are still around. Keep up the good work.